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Over recent years politicians of all parties, together with economists and other experts, have identified the UK's housing shortage as a major risk to the country's economic growth and prosperity. Potentially, it also increases inequality in our society as the gulf between home owners and those not yet on the property ladder grows ever wider.

The shortfall between demand and supply, both across the UK and in certain regions, has become so serious that the Government is now committed to introducing a Housing and Planning Act that will aim to address this "housing deficit" through a variety of measures. In addition and as part of its overall housing strategy, the recent spending review committed over £20 billion to support its ambitions to deliver one million new homes and to double the number of first time buyers.

What is Persimmon's role in addressing these challenges? At the heart of our business strategy is a commitment to provide accessible and affordable homes to customers throughout the UK.

A major factor in the company's success over recent years has been its geographical scale, with an average of around 380 sites across the UK in 2015. This, in conjunction with our wide-range of property types, ensures that Persimmon is able to meet the needs of its diverse customer base from those seeking their first home, more space or to downsize. In this way we contribute to the creation of vibrant and sustainable communities, where the quality of life is enhanced by the contributions we make to local infrastructure. Such communities provide both direct benefits to the local and national economy – through job creation and purchase of raw materials – and, more importantly, satisfy the basic human need for shelter, security and well being that a growing population desires.

We aim to ensure that the process of buying and moving into one of our homes is an enjoyable experience. We set great store on customer satisfaction and will increase our efforts in this area to improve our current levels of performance.

We are aware that buying a home is the largest single investment the vast majority of people ever make. We seek to reward the trust that our customers place in us by ensuring the homes we build meet their expectations and that the purchasing process is as straight-forward as possible. We have, from its outset, been strong supporters of the Government's Help to Buy scheme and have long standing relationships with social landlords to provide low cost social housing.

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