We look to identify the major environmental issues that could affect our business in the short, medium and long term and what we need to do to manage them effectively.

We focus on how to minimise our environmental footprint both in terms of direct and indirect impacts. The former relates to our business operations and embraces issues such as energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of raw materials and waste produced. As part of this approach we review how particular developments may impact the local environment, including the landscape and biodiversity. This allows us to minimise or eliminate any adverse effects at the design stage.

When considering indirect impacts our focus is very much on our product – the homes we build. We look at how, over their life time, our homes deliver a level of performance that meets the needs of customers without compromising our commitment to safeguarding the environment. Improvements in design, materials used and building techniques all have an important role in ensuring that the homes we build are more sustainable – in particular more energy efficient – than older housing stock. We aim to be proactive in adopting innovative approaches and technological advances throughout our supply chain. In this way, we deliver a win-win for both customers, who benefit from lower utility bills, and the environment, which benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.

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